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I Can See – Available everywhere June 28th!

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The A.J & R Project (Avisar, James & Romano) is the result of 3 Israeli musicians and 1 Canadian Rock/Soul singer songwriter , the love of music and experimentation with various styles in the Studio. Haim Romano noted as “Israeli guitar God” and outstanding musician and producer. Founding member of the legendary rock band “The Churchills” and “Jericho” and “Jericho Jones”. Throughout the years, Romano worked with some of the greatest singers out in Israel and has been known for his virtuosity on the electric guitar , bouzouki , bag-lama and many other instruments. Adar Avisar is a media advisor and journalist. He was a founding member of the 70’s pioneering Israeli prog band “Cosmic Dream”. Together with Romano he recorded and performed “Night Falls over Tel Aviv” with Nic Potter and Guy Evens, members of legendary prog group Van Der Graaf. Adar has played concerts with guitar legend Alvin Lee and others. Noam Rapaport is an Israeli rock music historian and Hammond Wiz that has played in many blues, Prog, and rock bands including the “Blues Messengers” .

The 4 members are joined by leading musicians are among them are Mastro Yaron Gershovsky (musical manager with Manhattan Transfer) , Singer Emanuel Aqua (Gemsync),bass player Yossi Fine ( David Bowie, Lou Reed and more), Tom Fry (Nektar) , trumpet player, Itamar Ben-Yarik, Japanese musician Hiroshi, Alan Young & Graham Cage of “The Sound” & “The Clear Symphony Orchastra”. Members of the “Upper Floor” are an ensemble with guest musicians from around the world.

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“In The Basement” is a combination of new material that was written, recorded, and produced in the basement by Stacey James .Also featured on the album will be the “In The Basement” copies of some of her previous work that had been re produced and released such as ” Walk To My Beat” from her album “11 11” and many others.

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